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Up And Coming Australian Fashion & Style Influencers On Instagram Under 100k

If you're looking to work with smaller, more affordable and accessible fashion and style influencers and content creators here's some of our favourite Australian influencers with under 100k followers on Instagram.

All of these babes are great on Reels video, as well, which is (of course) a must for us at SZN Social.


Casee Brim is a Brisbane-based style, skin-care and self love influencer. She combines her love of fashion and beauty with her hilarious, sassy but down-to-earth sense of humour to create the perfect combo of entertaining and product-based content. Casee also has a great community of 244k followers on TikTok.


Lola Thompson is categorically stunning and she's starting to make serious waves in the fashion realm, working with brands like Beginning Boutique, White Fox Boutique and Runaway The Label.

Lola has a classic Gen Z, TikTok aesthetic and video content style so if that's your market she's a great fit.


Neha is a Melbourne-based style blogger and owner of the dreamy princess vibes cafe, Feekah Cafe. Neha is the definition of sophisticated and understated style. She's an ideal style influencer to work with if your target demographic is over 30 and looking for some very wearable, daily style inspiration.


Francesca (Chez for short) is another Melbourne-based fashion content creator. Chez style is colourful and creative and she loves creating super fun style reels with transitions and on trending themes like 'What I ordered vs What I got'. Her socials have got a fun bestie vibe, which we love! If you're a bold, brand or releasing festival style or statement collections and looking for a fun content creator or influencer specifically for video content Chez would be a great person to partner with.


Worima woman and mid-size babe, Jada Giddings, is another young Australian style influencer quickly rising through the ranks. She also creates content on TikTok and Youtube. Jada is another great choice for Gen Z orientated brands who want to promote across different channels uses very native-style video content.


Sports reporter turned style content creator, Loz Markham, is your girl-next-door. She's funny, she's real, she's relatable and she's recently started to do some really exciting content with brands like Infamous Swim. Loz has such a great Instagram community and is an ideal fit for daily-wearable brands who have a real and relatable vibe.

How to find the right influencer

Finding the right influencers for your brand can be challenging, especially if you don't personally spend a lot of time on social platforms to come across them naturally.

The right influencer needs to have an audience that is as close as possible to your brand audience in both demographics and culturally speaking (by culture we mean who they are as a person - values, interests, lifestyle, entertainment preferences, humour etc.).

The influencer also needs to personally reflect your audience and the type of content they make regularly needs to have a natural alignment with your product (e.g. if you're a beauty brand but they don't create any beauty-related content, ever... probably not a good fit).

If any of these elements are off, the partnership will almost certainly yield disappointing results.

Finding this person involves a combination of hashtag searching, scouring online trends and accounts and, ideally, already being tapped into an existing network of creators.

Starting this process from scratch can be very time consuming (and still ineffective if you just don't have the experienced eye to know what to look for).

If you don't know where to begin or haven't successfully found the right influencer/s yet, we recommend working with a partner agency to outsource the influencer research and shortlisting process to people who are in that world every single day and can get it done much faster and with better results.

SZN Social works with Australian and US-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands to create on-trend and results-driven influencer campaigns working with 'perfect match' micro-influencers (who, you may not know, actually generally yield better results than the big influencers!)

Email to chat to us about influencer campaigns for your brand.


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