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Lady PWRZ Launch Activation at Melbourne Fashion Festival

We started working with Mia, the founder of new fashion label, Lady PWRZ just 6 weeks before the launch date.

Mia wanted guidance on developing a marketing strategy and launch campaign that aligned with her vision for the brand as something for creatively bold individuals who see fashion as a form of self expression.

We kicked off with a 2-Day VIP Session and then continued providing consultation and doing some hands on work leading into the launch, particularly around the Melbourne Fashion Festival Activation.


We wanted to position LADY PWRZ as more of an independent designer/fashion label, rather than a typical ecommerce brand.

And, I had the idea of developing a launch activation around the upcoming Melbourne Fashion Festival (MFF).

MFF is like a fashion week and an event that a large chunk of the Melbourne and interstate fashion crowd come to.

My thinking was, there are few better opportunities to get in front of this niche crowd all in one go and we should capitalise on this moment.

And thus, our goal was to get as much attention on the LADY PWRZ brand as possible over the course of MFF week.

We had a 2-pronged strategy for this:

  • Create some type of attention grabbing brand activation in the vicinity of the event to get eyeballs on us and chins wagging

  • Develop partnerships with people attending MFF who are considered style icons in their space (targeting micro-influencers) to gift product to be worn at MFF.

By doing both of these things, we would be able to ensure that Lady PWRZ, already visually striking products, would keep popping up at MFF and start to capture attention.

Like 'who is this random label with the bright tote bags that seems to be everywhere??'


Lady PWRZ activation at Melbourne Fashion Festival 2023
Photography by @elytssara

For the activation part we decided to lean into the 'runway fashion' theme and recreate our own runway on the esplanade out the front of the MFF entrance.

This was the space that attendees lingered in and got photographed by the media and style bloggers before heading into the venue.

It was also entirely visible to everyone inside the MFF venue who were socialising in the outdoor area waiting to go inside.

We also organised for our own photographer to come and capture the moment (which only made it seem even more like something worth paying attention to)

As well as, taking some other cool photos with the models around the streets beforehand.

Meanwhile, inside the venue on the same night:

  • Well-known indigenous influencer, author, and Mama Mia podcaster Allira Potter was wearing a Lady PWRZ cap (she sat in the front row and was photographied dozens of times. She also posted about and tagged @ladypwrz several times throughout the week and the cap now features in her IG profile pic)

  • Lexi Mossop, an absolute style icon who featured in nearly every single style run down of best MFF outfits (including Harper's Bazaar!!) wore a show stopping yellow outfit and orange LADY PWRZ tote bag

  • And, of course, our fave Annika of @whoeverannikais was also there in matching orange dress and LADY PWRZ tote (and also got featured on a style wrap up of MFF outfits)

Lady PWRZ, Allira Potter, Lexi Mossop, Melbourne Fashion Festival 2023

Not only did the brand feature constantly at the MFF venue on Day 4 but, in the days after, the photos of the girls wearing the pieces popped up all over instagram and even featured in Harper's Bazaar! In addition to this, the 8 other girls who were involved in the brand activation also shared BTS images on their Instagram and stories at the time, as well as, the professional images and videos sent out a couple of days later.

That's an ENORMOUS amount of reach and publicity for one brand activation, put together on a small budget in just a few weeks.

Bigger brands would spend months and months and 10s if not 100's of thousands of dollars on campaigns to achieve this kind of targeted reach and media coverage.

But, if you're clever about it, and you understand how virality and attention *really* work?

You can get it for a lot less time and money. Enter: SZN Social 💅


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