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TikTok influencer partnership with fashion outlet, The DOM

How to do TikTok Influencer Marketing and Partnerships

Effective influencer marketing strategies are always changing, as one trend becomes omnipresent, new and exciting influencer trends emerge that drive better results for brands.

It's always our goal at SZN to forecast where influencer marketing trends are going, rather than to recreate things that have already been done to the point they've become ineffective.


There was a time when an outfit haul in your bedroom was, like, AMAZINGGG content 😍

And that's because, prior to 2020, very few people were doing videos like this on Instagram and TikTok wasn’t really a thing yet.

It was a time when most influencers were posting a super posed and edited selfies as their primary form of content.

Which meant that raw video content was a novelty!

But now?

This is no longer the case 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️

The outfit haul has become the new posed selfie.

If you scroll TikTok for just 1.5 seconds you’ll come across at least 25 of them.

And they’re all versions of pretty much the same thing.

It's a bedroom, it's a few outfits on a particular theme or from a specific brand, and someone is wearing them.

Repeat x10,000.

Once we hit a critical mass situation with content, like this?

It gets boring and people stop paying attention.

Which means it stops doing the job it was designed to do for brands who are paying to do it with influencers.

And while hauls like this might still be good for in-house content to maintain consistent video content levels - when it comes to influencer marketing this is a sign it's time for brands to look to creative new ideas for their creator partnerships.

How can you get the same products in front of the same audience in a new and exciting way so that they actually pay attention?

How can you wrap your products up inside content that is unique and inherently entertaining so that it gets great engagement and pushes your brand to the most amount of people?

ENTER: our style interview partnership came from with The DOM 🔥

We created our own style TikTok to keep on top of what our fashion client's target audiences want to see and will engage with.

Since we've had great success with our TikTok content, we also offer our client's partnership opportunities to get involved in our proven high-performing concepts to drive brand awareness.

How our TikTok partnership was set up for success:

  • We had already proven that our style interviews consistently perform well on TikTok

  • And we'd shown that there’s interest in what we, as the hosts, are wearing in the comments.

So, our goal was simply to place products into the content and attach a brand name to it without disrupting the content itself (which would have affected results).


  1. The DOM styled our outfits as the hosts of the series so their pieces were visually on display in each video.

  2. We had a custom mic cover made with The DOM’s logo so their brand was subtly on screen the whole time.

  3. We used the #dressedbythedom hashtag and tagged @thedom_au in the caption so when people looked at the caption they’d be interested to click through and see more from The DOM.


The sponsored videos received almost 100k views in just a few days 👏👏👏


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