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Tips for running a successful ecomm Black Friday sale campaign


Black Friday is the BIGGEST shopping event of the year!

Originating in the US, Black Friday is the day after Thanks Giving (fourth Thurs of November) and has historically always seen a peak in retail crowds.

These days, Black Friday, has become more of a massive online sale event, as well as, brick and mortar retailers.

It's also followed by Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanks Giving), the second biggest shopping day of the year with a purely ecommerce focus.

Every consumer is aware of Black Friday and we know that people are actively looking out for their favourite brands to drop a really cool deal.

However, it's also a time with a LOT of sales competition as brands compete to win those consumer dollars.

I 1000% recommend that all ecommerce brands take part in Black Friday

I know some brands skip it for whatever high and mighty reason but, personally?

I think as a business designed to make money skipping events where consumers are actively looking to spend money makes zero business sense.


  1. Start 2 months ahead - You need to prime your audience for your Black Friday sale over a period of time and fill your funnel with new potential customers so you have the most amount of potential buyers ready on the day. This takes at least 8 weeks (plus planning).  

  2. Don't *just* do an EDM on the day - if the only thing you do for Black Friday is send out one email on the day - honestly wouldn't bother. It will just get lost in the sea of 10,000 other emails they receive (refer to point 1). These days you really need to kick off your campaign days ahead and have it open for 4-7 days with multiple prompts across channels to ensure people even see it, as well as, take action on it.  

  3. Consider bundling rather than just discounting - 90% of brands will just slash 30% off storewide which is cool but it does come with a couple of downsides. Firstly, if its the same as everyone else's offer it's kinda boring and lacks incentive. Secondly, you lose out on revenue per purchase and what we really want to do is maximise spend while people are in spend-mode. Bundle your best-sellers or offer incentives for purchasing more than one product (buy one get one half-price etc.) to increase spend per person and your overall sales revenue. 

  4. Use your influencer network to promote it - It can be hard to cut through using just your own channels at this time of year. Take a leaf out of some of the bigger ecomm brand's books and leverage influencers who have crossover with the same audiences to promote your Black Friday sale in advance and help to fill your funnel. 

  5. Gamify your Black Friday sale - with so many brands doing Black Friday sales, consumers start to get a bit desensitised to the savings and discount element. We want to find other ways to get audiences excited and gamifying your sale is one way! Create challenges, run giveaways with VIP members, do public activations etc.


Creating cool AF campaigns that people obsess over?

Kind of our thing If you're not sure how to build out an epic campaign that funnels people in to spend cash money bby? 💰💰💰

We would highly recommend either of these options depending on your budget 👇



2-Month VIP Strategy Package

Our newly revamped VIP Strategy Sessions include new 2-month and 3-month options to guide you through the implementation phase

2-Month VIP Strategy Overview:

  • Full 1-day 1:1 VIP Strategy Session to research and map out your Black Friday campaign start-to-finish.

  • 3x 1hr follow up sessions to help guide you through bringing the campaign to life.

We currently have 2 of these available to kick off in October. These will go so fast if other services get booked so do not wait!

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Our new trio service will become available for anyone to book from October. This is the killer combo to get results!

  • 2x paid ads campaigns set up and managed per month

  • UGC content creation valued at $1750 +GST (based on our Basic monthly package)

  • 2x EDMs (email marketing) created per month

  • 2 month min. commitment

This one isn't promoted on our website yet - enquire directly

Remember - Black Friday isn't just about revenue on the day.

It's also about:

  • Getting new people to try your products and turning them into long term customers after the fact.

  • Getting existing customers to expand their purchase range and increase their LTV.

  • Creating a stronger brand community through rewarding your existing customers for loyalty and retention.



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