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A breakdown of our Black Friday LIVE shopping event with InClinic Cosmetics

"For a scrappy, last minute activation with very little preparation or promotion - these results are seriously INSANE."


Black Friday has become one of *the* biggest sale events of the year for ecommerce.

As a result, it's also a time of enormous competition between brands to simply get attention.

People are absolutely inundated with emails, ads, social media posts and sms marketing from every brand they've ever shopped with in their lives.

If you want to really capitalise on Black Friday and get the best sales results possible - you have to do something *different* to stand out, draw people in and convert them to sale.

Enter: the live shopping event.

This is something we've wanted to try for a while and have spoken about previously as the hottest new trend in online shopping.

So, we approached one of our client's and a brand we've developed a good relationship with over the last couple of years, InClinic Cosmetics, to see if they might be interested in partnering with us to do a live shopping event for their Black Friday sale.

Previously, InClinic had done a traditional Black Friday Sales EDM, which went out to their existing customers and database but they hadn't really leveraged their social platform to drive sales, bring in new customers and get people excited about products they hadn't tried before.

InClinic jumped on board.

For context, this all happened less than 2 weeks out from Black Friday.

So it was really the most hacky, last minute version of what you might do for a Live Shopping event.

In spite of this, the results were unreal!

Which is a good reminder to everyone that you shouldn't wait until you can do something perfectly.

Sometimes, its better to start with an easier, hackier trial to see how it goes *and* still capitalise on the results of doing something more than business as usual.


Firstly, we decided to run the live shopping event on the Thursday, 24th November, the day before Black Friday.

The reason for this is - in both of our experience - people are generally disengaged on Fridays and Saturdays (weekend mode activated) and decision-making and conversions decline significantly over these days.

We also decided to do the live shopping event on Instagram stories (as opposed to Instagram LIVE) for a few reasons:

  • The stories would stay up for 24hrs giving more people an opportunity to discover the product demos and sale details

  • We could link directly to each product on screen as we spoke about it.

  • We didn't need to do so much prompting to get people to look at stories (something they tend to do naturally) as we would have to get people onto a LIVE.

  • Instagram LIVE doesn't have a shopping feature in AU yet so can't product link.

  • I (Nat) could re-share some of the stories to my personal account to draw people in

We wanted to get clear data on where sales came from, EDM or Live Shopping, so we used two different discount codes which were only visible on the EDM or via the Instagram stories (no codes were displayed on the website or Instagram feed).

In the week leading up to the Live Shopping event we did a reel on InClinic's instagram, and one on my personal and business Instagram introducing the Black Friday event, when and where it would be, what the sales offer would be and what we'd be doing.

We also do stories every couple of days, and another reel including an unboxing of the products that would be featured (unboxings generate lots of excitement!)

On the day, it was a pretty simple set up.

I set up my desk in front of a window for natural light and added my ring light. I set up my desk tripod and phone and had my laptop next to me with all the product details on a spreadsheet and at 2pm, I started creating stories where I was talking directly to camera.

The majority of the live shopping event was me simply demonstrating and talking about products as I went through a full makeup routine.

I had the pr