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How we used a public content shoot to create a huge buzz for a small lingerie brand

Creative lingerie shoot by SZN Social, Holly Lulu Intimates
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We did a public content creation shoot on the streets of busy St Kilda on Tuesday afternoon with 4 models of diverse sizing wearing Holly Lulu lingerie.

Here's the behind the scenes and here's some of the public reactions we got.


I wanted to do this content shoot as a case study to prove some things I know to be true about how virality works and what kind of content cuts through, online in 2023.

It pains me to see most brands still using outdated marketing tactics and content styles and being disappointed with their results.

And, my mission is to help brands understand what *really* works, what performance content looks like and how you build brand awareness and generate rapid online growth. The public element was an essential part of this shoot not just for the attention but we also wanted to make a statement about the policing of women's bodies and who is supposedly allowed to wear what.

We had several plus sized girls modelling in the shoot, as Holly Lulu is a brand designed for *all* women and for the pleasure of women.