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UGC launch content for ROOM Beauty

ROOM Beauty's signature product is a re-usable face washing kit designed to prevent soggy sleeves and wet fringes while completing your daily skincare routine (IYKYK).

Brand owner, Jess, understood the need for native-style UGC content for launching a brand successfully on social media and reached out to SZN Social to work with us on a launch content bundle featuring a couple of our SZN Creators.

We worked with Jess to come up with a series of UGC video concepts that could be used across organic socials and ads - focussing on product demos, testimonials and short form TikTok-style videos that helped to align the brand with the Gen Z and younger Millennial target audience.

We also included a series of UGC still images, created by the two SZN Creators in their homes to feel like natural customer images and provide ROOM with a good variety of content to use in the initial stages of launching the brand.

We highly recommend our UGC Video & Image Bundles to get a good mix of content that will come in handy across organic socials, sponsored ads and even websites and product pages.

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