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Live Shopping is the hottest new trend in ecommerce

Amazon Live shopping
Lala Kent, of Vanderpump Rules, on her Amazon Live Athleisure Haul

Live shopping is the 2022 version of QVC and Danoz Direct and it originally took off in China where Influencers would team up with brands to do livestream product demos, Q&A's, games and deals, with the goal of selling large quantities of product in one online event.

It's also started becoming a popular thing for US influencers to do through Amazon live which basically allows people to do affiliate marketing through a livestream on the Amazon platform showing products in real time and linking to the Amazon product listing.

We're now starting to see live shopping, in some form, arrive in Australia.

While we don't yet have the Instagram live shopping capabilities that the US do, and Amazon isn't really established enough with a wide enough range of lifestyle consumer goods for the Amazon Lives to pop off

We're definitely starting to see more brands using Instagram lives and stories for new collection launches, try ons, answering questions and, ultimately, using a live stream situation with two way audience interaction to sell products.

And, my god, does it WORK 🤩


While we don't yet have the Instagram and TikTok live shopping features available in Australia, and Facebook shut there's down (another