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How we grew our style TikTok to 5K followers and 1.3 Million views in just 4 months.

In May 2022, we decided to start our own style TikTok account for a couple of reasons:

  • To test out ideas and concepts on the fastest growing social platform so we could better guide our clients.

  • To build out a very targeted audience of Australian females interested in fashion, which our clients could then tap into through partnerships (one of the biggest problems many of our clients had was the lack of an engaged audience to promote to)

This style TikTok has taught us sooo much about TikTok and content performance in general.

Because the platform is so different to Instagram, in that content performance hinges so much more on the inherent value of each video (rather than your community loyally responding to anything you put out) it's a great place to really experiment with concepts and refine your video creative to get the best possible performance on any platform.

Prior to starting the style TikTok, we did extensive research on the platform to figure out a) what kind of content was performing well and b) where the gaps were in content styles for fashion

Which is what led us to begin with our vox pop street style interviews - where we hit the streets of Melbourne to interview fashionable women about their outfits and where they get their style inspiration from.

This concept immediately performed well with one of our first street style interviews reaching over 160k views!

Click to watch

We then expanded our content to include in-store try ons where we would physically go to popular stores like Zara, H&M, Glassons, Decjuba etc. to try on clothes. Some of these videos were done talking to camera and some were done as selfie-style with voice over added in post.

Our in-store winter coat try on haul at Zara is still our all-time best performer with 360k views and 464 saves!

While we've had opportunities to do other things with the @sznofstyle TikTok, our research shows that accounts that stick with very specific and consistent themes tend to grow the fastest and that's definitely been our experience.

In only 4 months, posting just 1-2 times per week, we grew our account to 5k followers and our content had have over 1.3 MILLION views - completely organically.

We haven't done a single trend-related TikTok - no dancing, no memes, nothing.

While these are great for an established account to maintain relevancy and appeal to their audience in a fun way - they're actually largely unhelpful for growing an account from scratch and creating viral content.

Uniqueness and value wrapped in an entertaining video style are actually they key drivers of virality and TikTok success.

This is a great study of what's achievable for any brand account if they're prepared to take risks to create unique content based on properly-conducted research of audience and niche-demand to uncover truly high-performing concepts.

If you're looking to grow your presence on TikTok, SZN can help with strategy, content creation, TikTok ads and micro-influencer campaigns.

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