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How we 4X TikTok results for an online shopping outlet with unique content

We had partnered with an online shopping outlet on our style TikTok (@sznofstyle) for their Afterpay Day Sale campaign.

They were working with a handful of TikTok creators on the account and had provided each with a similar brief.

The concept in the brief was based on a common style of video used on TikTok - the green screen format. The green screen includes images on the screen with the creator talking (as a cut out video) in front of it.

While this is a very common style of content, one thing we know from our research is, it's not inherently high performing.

In our experience, the green screen is usually only seen to have good engagement results when used by creators who have already built a large, hyper engaged audience based around a variety of other content styles.

Or, if the nature of the content is dramatic enough to overcome the format.

Before we go any further...

This is by no means a dig at the brand - the client was great to work with - this is simply a common misconception that many brands (and a lot of creators) have around content.

It tends to happen because people often get their inspiration from the FYP, which is 99% content from viral accounts. But content created by very popular accounts is not necessarily a true indication of how well a concept, in and of itself, works (which is why we don't do our research like this).

Knowing that we were not yet a large account with a very established audience who would engage with anything we put out and that our content performance was still based on the fact that we used inherently high-performing concepts and video styles...

We went back to the client with a different recommendation for the concept.

The client, decided they would like to continue with the brief for the first video in our 3-video deal.

And, as expected, the green screen format flopped.

It had only gathered 200 views in the first 24hrs which is about 8-10x less than we would expect to see on a video that is going to perform well over time.

We went back to the client to let them know and suggested we quickly follow with the concept we had suggested.

Our concept included our signature on-the-ground, talking-to-camera, reporting style of content which has consistently performed well for us, regardless of our audience size.

The video immediately did much better, gathering almost 10x as many views in the first 24hrs.

After a couple of months (which is usually how long it takes a good TikTok to 'mature') we compared results.


  • Our concept garnered 4X as many views as the brand concept (17.2k views vs. 4.4k)

  • Our concept received 6.6x more likes (413 compared to 58)

  • Our concept had over 3x more saves than the brand concept

  • We also saw more intentional and engaged comments on our concept from people who didn't already know us (compared to 'supportive commentary' from personal followers on the brand concept)


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