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Create Reels and TikTok videos for your customers not your product

When we create video content with our customers needs, desires and interests at the forefront instead of the product and our own business goals...

They, unsurprisingly, receive much better engagement, get shared more, create a stronger connection and result in more sales.

But, it can be easy to get caught up in what *we* want to get out of the interaction as the business owner or the marketer.

And start leaning toward talking about our products through the lens of our desires and goals (aka boring promo)

Instead of taking the perspective of what our customers are interested in (answering questions, learning about our brands values and history, their aspirations, what they find interesting and entertaining, what they're looking for in a purchase).

Here's what to think about when planning your Instagram reels and TikTok videos to make sure they're engaging to your customer:

Who Is Your Customer?

Your customer needs to see themselves in your content in order to understand that 'this product is designed for me'

This means both literally featuring people like them but also content that is 'relatable' to their life, daily experience and values.

Creating videos that talk about your product specifically in the context of their life. Share funny/relatable videos that reflect their daily experience.

Featuring people who are just like them.

What Is Your Customer Interested In?

The internet is busy and your customers know what kind of content they're looking for.

But do you?

If you can create content that is in line with what they *enjoy* watching you win their attention and that's the first requirement for them to then learn about your brand and products.

You can even ask your customer by using story polls which include This or That or the question sticker asking them for their favourite Instagram accounts to get a feel for the content they enjoy.

What Questions Do Your Customers Have?

As convenient as online shopping is, it comes with a couple of major pitfalls...

Your customers can't touch/smell/try on your products and there isn't a sales assistant standing right there they can ask. questions to.

Use your videos to answer those common questions that a customer needs to know before they will be ready to buy.

What Are Your Customers Dealbreakers?

This goes hand-in-hand with questions but whenever we're shopping for something we usually have some deal breakers.

e.g is this fabric stretchy? Is the scent to overpowering? How long does the product last?

If you can't overcome these through content, you lose the sale. Create videos specifically to address these objections.

We figure this out by observing patterns in questions received, comments and reviews as well as listening to the conversation online surrounding this type of products.

How Are You Different/Better?

'm gonna go ahead and assume your product is probably part of a very large market that is crowded with options?

When there's so many similar choices, even the most tiny differentiators can help someone choose you and we want to highlight these, often.

e.g. longer lasting products, fast delivery, great brand values, prettier packaging, better socials.

What Are Your Customer's Aspirations?

We purchase products in order to reach some kind of goal, and when it's fashion and cosmetic-related its usually 'aspirational' not physical.

Aspirational goals relate to how we see ourselves and how others see us in the world. It's our image.

We want to be more beautiful/ luxurious/ happy/ worthy/ successful/ healthy/ environmentally-conscious.

So whenever we create videos we want to reflect those aspirations in the content which says 'This product, helps you become the person you want to be.'

Aspirational content is about mood and emotion and we want to ensure that the people, setting, aesthetics, content and edit of our videos reflect that ultimate person and lifestyle.

If you feel like you've maybe lost touch with who your audience is and what kind of video content would really light them up - it could be time for a Quick Start Video Strategy.

The Quick Start Video Strategy delivers audience insights, content themes to focus on, case studies of other videos and accounts to get inspo from and ready-to-use video concepts for your brand.


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