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7 video headline hooks to stop the scroll and increase your video views!

This is a guest post by content + copy extraordinaire, Carinda Gosling of This Is Co

Did you know that 80% of people don’t read {or watch} past the headline on a piece of content!?! So, if you’re *not* focusing on those first words they hear or see??… You’re literally letting people scroll away. It’s why you’ve got to HOOK people within the first words. On your videos. On your graphics. On your captions. It’s a way to increase your success FAST. Steal these the tips and use the headline templates below to make sure your first few words are the ones that will WIN YOU the attention you deserve.

Add authority or ‘unique rationale’ words

EXAMPLE, ‘Reasons’, ‘Lessons’, ‘Secrets’, ‘Ways’, ‘Facts’ all indicate you’re about to dish up something good, loaded with expertise

Use number digits {like 3, 7, 12} in your headlines as they stand out against words and show exactly how much concrete value someone can expect or time they need to invest - which the brain loves!

EXAMPLE: 3 ways to make your headlines better, INSTANTLY

Call out your audience using the word ‘you’ {or something they relate to}, along with their desires

EXAMPLES: “3 ways YOU can {achieve desire} ” of “How busy mums can {achieve desire}”

Add triggers words like ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘how’ or ‘when’

EXAMPLE: Why you should {do thing now} to {achieve desire}, How you can {achieve a desired outcome}

Use words that increase curiosity and show your content won’t be the ‘status quo’

EXAMPLE: ‘Revealed’, ‘unpopular opinion’, ‘exclusive’, ‘introducing’, ‘strange’, ‘unseen’, ‘unusual'

Show you can stop a struggle your audience is having

EXAMPLE: 3 steps to never be stuck for content ideas again

Ask a question that’s a no brainer yes or no!

EXAMPLE: Want to get more sales from your content? Here’s how…

7 Video Headline Templates You Can Use

  • 3 ways you can {solve a pain point}

  • The reason to {do a thing} if you want to {achieve a positive outcome}

  • How you can {achieve an ultimate desire}

  • 5 things you need to {something your audience really wants}

  • Want to {insert a desire}? Here’s how!

  • 6 signs it’s time to {do something here}

  • Unpopular opinion incoming! You don’t need to {XYZ}

Whatever you do, make sure you show that first line {or lines} PLENTY of love to ensure the rest of your content? Gets the attention it deserves.

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