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Content Collaboration: How This Small Business Owner Teamed Up To Create Beautiful Brand Images

I first met Thea, the owner of Fleurieu Creations, an Australian-based personalised gifts co., through The Collab Hub. She joined as a member, right at the very beginning of her business journey, long before she had a beautiful website or professional brand images (even before she had a business Instagram!)

Now, Fleurieu Creations is a bon-a-fide business, with a backlog of orders and stunningly curated Instagram feed filled with a mix of delicately hand-crafted gifts and delighted customers.

One of the things that Thea has used to build her business from the ground up is collaborations, especially for creating her content.

Thea recently organised a collaboration photoshoot to help launcher her new line of kids pyjamas and the images are breath-taking!

I had to ask her if she'd share with everyone exactly how she pulled it together and what the benefits of this kind of content collabs are.