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Candid, outdoor paparazzi video: the must-have video content every fashion brands needs in 2022

We recently teamed up with Melbourne stylist, Chantelle Styled, and models, Ariel Russell (a current Miss Universe contestant) and Chloe Weight to hit the streets of Melbourne's CBD to create a series of short form video content around 2022's fastest growing trend in fashion content:

Candid on-street paparazzi video.

Candid, paparazzi-style videos include on-street video content of a person doing essentially everyday, normal things as if no one was there.

Walking across the street, sipping a latte at a cafe, laughing with a friend, checking their outfit in the reflection of a window, adjusting their bag, scrolling their phone while waiting for the train.

It's essentially the video version of a celebrity paparazzi photo.

Unlike an actual paparazzi photo, though, there is a level of planning, styling and subtle posing to create the most aesthetic and cinematic version.

To see the behind-the-scenes magic of creating candid, on-street content, check out our BTS vlog of our shoot day.

Why every fashion brand needs candid, on-street video content in 2022

Candid, on-street video content is a key content style for every fashion brand wanting to not only keep up with current online trends, but also generate higher conversions from their content.

But why does it work so well?

One of the perils of online shopping is the inability to truly gauge what a garment will actually look like in real life. Most eCommerce content is studio-based or heavily produced with artificial lighting, posing, filters and post-production editing to create the 'perfect image'.

But it's not real, and everyone knows it.

Which means that while the content is appealing, there are still concerns about the true nature of the product that need to be overcome before a purchase can be made (and without it, people simply won't buy).

With candid, unposed, naturally-lit outdoor video content your audience are able to see the products worn in a real life setting, moving in a natural way.

This content also helps the individual imagine themselves in that scene, wearing the outfit and getting a sense of what it would look and feel like.

In 2022, we have watched the rise in popularity of candid natural video content, including other trends like the selfie fit check and raw reviews, which essentially show outfits and accessories in the most natural way.

We recommend incorporating these candid video styles into your content, amongst your studio shots and more heavily edited and posed video content to provide the all-important 'social proof' element which will help your customers go straight to the checkout!

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AVAILABLE NOW: Outdoor Video Shoot Bundles

At SZN Social we offer outdoor, candid style video shoot bundles for fashion and accessory brands to help you create content that is both on-trend and high-converting to deliver real results through your social media marketing.

We offer a range of packages depending on your needs and budget which include audience research and concepts developed for you, brand-aligned model/s sourced and the option to include a booked location and stylist to create the whole aesthetic around your products.

Bundles start from $1000 + GST

Email to chat to us about creating outdoor and on-location video content for your brand's next campaign.


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