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Influencer Email & DM Script
  • Influencer Email & DM Script

    Don't make the same influencer outreach mistakes as most brands!


    Get our proven influencer outreach email and DM script Guaranteed to get more 'YES' responses!


    All you need to do is fill in the blanks and press send.


    Getting influencers to work with you is just as much about selling them on your brand as it is about getting them to sell your brand.


    We've worked on the influencer side of collaborations as well as the brand-side


    And, we know for a fact that most brands and PR agencies are sending out really bad influencer pitch emails.


    Robotic, cold, in-authentic or super entitled pitch emails that are putting influencers off!


    Don't let your pitch email prevent you from working with the top tier creators.


    We've perfected the influencer script to ensure it's the ideal amount of warm and authentic whilst still conveying our credibility and the value of the partnership to the influencer.


    And, as a result, we almost always get a YES response from influencers we reach out to!


    ✨ FREE BONUS ✨


    Get our Ultimate Influencer Marketing Checklist for FREE when you purchase the influencer email & DM script.


    Ensure your influencer campaign is set up for success with the Ultimate Influencer Marketing Checklist: a step-by-step guide and workbook for planning your next influencer campaign.

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