I help small business owners create marketing that FEELS GOOD 

Hey, I'm Nat!


And, I am a collaborative marketing and social media video specialist

(try fitting that on some kind of certificate)

With a degree in Psychology and a background in social work, I slowly realised that I was far too 'independent spirited' 👩🏻‍🎤 😉  to ever be contained by a traditional workplace and far too impatient to be a social worker.

I was born for the crazy world of business and marketing.

And, my intense fascination with psychology and human nature still remains at the core of everything I do.

Which is why my zone is collaboration marketing and social media video.

This may seem like a random coupling but these are two of the *most powerful* social marketing tools we have available specifically because they tap into deeply ingrained human needs (the need to connect and belong) that other forms of advertising simply can't.

These days, I help small business owners market their businesses in a way that FEELS GOOD to their audience - by leveraging the power of community and connection through collaboration and social videos.

Video content creation